Globalization Is A Concept That Can Be Difficult

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Globalization is a concept that can be difficult to fully comprehend, because it is influenced by the theoretical underpinnings of governance, economics, politics, and even culture. Stief (2014) describes globalization as, “the process of increased interconnectedness among countries most notably in the areas of economics, politics, and culture” (para. 2). As technology bridges the knowledge gap and creates avenues, venues, and networks to connect people, processes, and businesses, the level of general awareness around the world rises as well. As awareness increases, so does the ability for connectivity, which further transmits data, information, and eventually enables the movement of goods and services. The increased movement of information, goods, services, and of course money is managed through a loose, yet powerful, system of international brokers who superficially control access through complex business practices that are fundamentally influenced by market demand; that is, the act of buying and selling. As countries connect with one another, they encourage market expansion as the demand for goods and services grows and the cost of transportation is ameliorated by an increase in technology and growing transit routes. Globalization, therefore, depends on the interconnected systems and subsystems of business practices that are affected by regional and national economic demands, local political controls and processes, and cultural barriers. Globalization is generally
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