Globalization Has Affected Collective Bargaining Around The World

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Introduction Countries of all regions are now able to share ideas, businesses, technology, and other aspects of culture; this is globalization. Today the integration is happening more rapidly than ever before. Globalization happens in three different classes Economical, Political, and Socio-Cultural. Each one of these classes have impacts on collective bargaining and labor rights in the countries they operate in. This literature review will discuss pass essays which discuss how each class of globalization has Affected collective bargaining around the world.
Globalization has seen an increase in popularity, during the years 2003 through 2007 the business world went through the “Age of Cross Border and Horizontal Megamergers.”
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The positive neoliberal view believes that labor rights will improve simply due to the countries participation in the international market. Bussman & Schneider (2007) believe the main factor that contributes to the improvement is due to prosperity, economic growth, democratization, and peaceful conditions. Dreher and Axel (2012) will even go on to argue that Third World countries are dependent on multination corporations to instigate trade, financial flows, technological transfer and employment opportunity. There have been studies testing on how trade and foreign direct investment (FDI) actually make it a “climb to the top” because corporations that come from high standard labor laws bring their practices to the country they have invested in. Another way that FDI can be seen as a climbing to the top is because it is bringing better jobs such as telecommunications, financial services, information technology, etc. to developing countries in the world Camdessus (1996). He also argues in an address giving to the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFU) that economic globalization through foreign direct investment spurs economic growth because once corporations are invested in underdeveloped countries they tend to start using that countries resources.
Because of growth in industries and local companies in developing countries develops a middle class that brings power to

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