Globalization In Globalization

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Globalization, according to the Levin Institute (2016), has allowed an increase in the amount of people and goods moving throughout the world. Both people and goods have the ability to carry disease with them across the borders of our nations. Attempts to reduce the amount of international trade and travel do not provide a reasonable solution to this problem. The world continues to become more connected and the focus needs to be on ways to cope with this change instead of seeking to limit it. It is my belief that the focus should be on sharing medical information and creating preventative measures for disease. By educating more people on what causes diseases to spread, we can help reduce the amount of people inadvertently passing diseases to others.
One area of trade that has high risks for the transfer of diseases is the food industry. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2017, August 31) estimates that foodborne illnesses affect 48 million people each year. With the growing demand for the availability of more foods throughout the world, producers are trying to yield as much as possible with the least amount of resources. This push to produce more has caused an environment where producers are neglecting safety standards in an attempt to increase product. The Levin Institute (2016) touches on an issue where many livestock farmers misuse antibiotics in their feeds to prevent infections, instead of creating cleaner environments for the livestock to grow. By taking

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