Gluten-Free Diet Analysis

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Do you know anyone who follows a gluten-free diet? If so, what type of medical condition do they have that has restricted them to this diet? If you do not know anyone personally, what types of medical conditions would restrict an individual to this diet?
I actually do not know anyone with this gluten-free diet, also known as celiac disease. The main cause to this disease is the combination of wheat, rye and barley (Schlendker & Gilbert, 2015). The side effects of celiac disease are “diarrhea, constipation gas, bloating, backaches, stomachaches, nausea, anemia, fatigue, osteoporosis, stunted growth in children, and weight loss” (Blaska, 2007). Changes are needed to care of the illness like changing their eating style by being proactive in gluten-free diet. The biggest concern is when a person that has celiac disease and continues to eat gluten in their diet it causes damage to the villi which after time it becomes inflame and swollen (Blaska, 2007). This causes food to slide threw the small intestine and not absorb nutrients and cause a person to become anemic (Schlendker & Gilbert, 2015).

How difficult did you find it to plan the gluten-free meals?
For someone that is trying to find meals with gluten-free would be a task to figure out what is available. Because if you are used to just grave a …show more content…

The reason for this is because at home you know what you looking for and it is right on the label. When someone that is trying to get something quick to eat during working hours could be difficult. In my own experience by doing my own research it took me a while to understand it but it’s more difficult when you visit one this restaurants and ask the question. For the most part the person that is ready to take your order will not know what you are talking about. I found the only way to actually know what to select is by going on their website and read the ingredients for

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