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Save the Planet; Go Vegan For centuries, humans have been obsessed with the idea of a long life. From face creams and diets to climate change awareness and recycling, there has always been a push to keep ourselves younger, healthier and to keep humanity going. That’s why veganism is the way to go. Being vegan does not only benefit your health but the environment as well. The Earth is so important. From its beautiful scenery to all the astonishing life that calls this planet home, most would agee that Earth is absolutely phenomenal. While I understand that veganism isn't an option for everyone, those who have the ability to adopt a vegan diet and/or lifestyle should because it's not only better for the human body but the planet as well.
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Sadly, a lot of people are unaware of the illness one can get from animal fat. Animal fat has been linked to illness such as heart disease, colon cancer and lung cancer (For Your Health). While consuming animal fat can possibly cause such diseases, choosing to not eat animal fat can have quite a positive effect on the body. By consuming a plant-based diet it can not only lower anxiety and stress levels and prevent Alzheimer's but boosts energy, aid in anti-aging and help the heart as well (McCarten, Sarah). Another reason to stop consuming animal products is because of the amount of animal cruelty that takes place. For example, at chicken hatcheries there is no use for male chicks. Hatcheries dispose of male chicks by horrid inhumane acts such decapitating, gassing, suffocating or crushing the chicks(For the Animals). The reason being because hatcheries is a place solely for egg-laying hens. Only a few roosters are needed in hatcheries which leaves male chicks absolutely useless. Such horrid acts is absolutely not okay. By not consuming animal products, one could potentially put an end to this cruelty.
With that, I hope that after an individual reads this essay they will feel either more educated on the topic and/ or proceed to look into veganism and all the right things it stands for. I, personally, am making an effort to switch from being vegetarian to vegan slowly but surely. Without a doubt, I strongly believe if more people follow a vegan diet and/or lifestyle it could have a huge impact on not only the world but everyone and everything living in it. Works Cited
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