Goal 1: Lizzie's Emotional Behavior

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Goal 1: Lizzie will improve her emotional and behavioral regulation.

• Lizzie and her mother were in a good mood when the QP arrived for the session.
• Lizzie and her mother listened as the QP explained pre-problem solving skills can help them make better choices at home, school, and in the community.
• Lizzie and her mother reflected on what the acronym stands for P representing if the behavior is part illegal, immoral, unkind, or unethical, OK represent is it okay with my parents and the public, E represents if everyone did it to me, would I like it, and C represents what consequence he would receive for the behavior.
• Lizzie and her mother focused on the concepts behind smart power which are you have personal power to make choices, every …show more content…

• Lizzie made slight progress with complying with treatment recommendations, as indicated by Lizzie’s mother realizing she needs to follow through with punishment so that she can be taken seriously; however, Lizzie was being disrespectful and not

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