Goal Setting, Goal Achievement Plan & Success Criteria

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Evidence Based Business Report – Goal Setting, Goal Achievement Plan & Success Criteria EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report is discussing how to set goals and how to achieve these goals by planning and also by using a timetable for it, the method that been used is SMART goals setting method which is the goal has to be Specific, measureable, achievable, relevant and time bounded, it is also discuss the ‘three step to success’ method which explain the steps that any student can do to achieve a successful performance in a certain task. This report also contains three MBA related goals which applicable to those two methods that we mentioned, and in addition to these goals we provided a timetable and a three success criteria to achieve…show more content…
d. Relevant or Realistic: The goals we choose have to be realistic and relevant to our other desired goals and aims, the relevant goals always drive the person forward. e. Time bound: Last one is the time limit for our goals, it is really important for goals to be controlled by a deadline in order to avoid getting distracted, also to prevent it from our day to day crisis, that’s why it is always better to do like a timetable for our goals. * My three goals are applicable for these four aspects of S.M.A.R.T goals method, for more details please see the appendix. IV. The three steps to success: Day and Tosey (2011, p. 529-530) claimed that there is a method calls the ‘three step for success’ framework. Figure 1: ‘the three steps of success’, Day and Tosey (2011, p. 529) As we can see in figure 1, there are three steps for success: 1. Know what you want: As in set your goal or your next step in a certain task. 2. Be aware of internal and external feedback: Which means you have to actively reflect and take in consideration any feedback you get from your lecturer or the external feedback which can be from your colleagues. 3. Be flexible in through and action to achieve your outcome: Which means that the ability of accepting any mistake and go back to fix it at any time during the process of performance
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