God Is Our Benevolent Creator

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Paley’s Natural Theology argues that in order for something to exist, there has to be a creator. A well-known passage from his book includes someone noticing a watch on the ground and anyone would assume that the watch was made by someone else. He connects this to the creation of life and everything we know, to God’s creations. That God made humans and everything else in this world, maybe as explained in the Biblical text of Genesis. According to Paley, God is our benevolent creator, but what if everything existed before hand and God had nothing to do with it? It is hard to tell what is true, following Paley and Christianity or the idea of true science and evolution. “In Paley’s time, Natural Theology was an established field of study, though it is now either neglected or known under another name. It can be defined as ‘the branch of philosophy and theology which attempts to prove God’s existence, define God’s attributes, or derive correct doctrine based solely from human reason and/or observations of the natural world.’ If classical theology is concerned with a study of the scriptures, then natural theology is the attempt to derive theological ideas from nature, without reference to scripture.” (Hovind) Where Paley falls short is that he does not pull from Christian scriptures. His theory comes solely from nature itself. Before the traveler of his watchmaker theory story, State of the Argument in Natural Theology, comes across the watch, he first sees a rock. For all he
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