God's Providence in the Book of Esther

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The purpose of the book of Esther is to see the providence of God even when His name is not mentioned. In this essay I will prove that Gods sovereignty over His people is clearly established in the book of Esther. I also intend to provide my explanation of how even though Gods name is not mentioned in the book, His work is clearly evident in the life of each character represented in the book of Esther. In order to present my case to you I will look at the character and key actions from lives of King Ahasuerus, Haman, Mordecia and Esther. For the purpose of getting to the meat of the matter I will explore the each character in the book of Esther and how they play a very significant role throughout the entire story. Just like a well-written love story or clever murder mystery the book has at least three story lines that all start in different directions but then as you draw near to the climax the themes all tie back into one another forming a complete thought. Taking a closer look at the characters helps to setup up the argument that God was visible, but yet unseen. Acting as the puppeteer in a very elaborate puppet show between good, evil and prophecy. King Ahasuerus or better known as Xerxes, son of King Cyrus was a man of great wealth and power. He prided himself on being in charge of everything that came his way, self-proclaiming to be lord of lords. He ruled over 127 provinces, which was about all the land except Greece, which was not under his control. Unlike his

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