Gogreen Initiative Case Study

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The GoGreen Initiative provides an opportunity for Gatesburg to manage waste disposal in an environmentally conscientious and cost efficient manner. While the proposal has been criticized, the requirements are minimal, the costs necessary, and there will be no loss of personal privacy.
With the GoGreen Initiative, Gatesburg will be able to reduce 90% of landfill waste over the next five years, extending the life of the current landfill, as well as all future landfills, in the county. By shifting waste disposal methods from a single dumpsite, to sorted sites focused on recycling, composting, and disposal, Gatesburg will not only protect the environment, but also take the first steps toward reducing waste disposal costs.
As the initiative goes
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Additionally, by following the example of Phoenix, Arizona, Gatesburg can make a profit on some of the waste that is currently going into landfills.
The implementation will not be easy though, and the detractors of the initiative have legitimate concerns. Creating new waste management sites and hiring staff for management and enforcement will require extensive upfront commitments of money and time. However, the costs and adjustments will pass, once the program is established and the community becomes familiar with the requirements.
One issue that will not change is privacy. However, in Gatesburg and throughout the country, there is no current expectation of privacy for trash bins once placed on the street to be picked up by waste management services. As such, inspection of trash bins by city personnel does not constitute a change to existing expectations of privacy.
The GatesburgGoGreen Initiative represents a shared commitment to protecting the environment, being financially conservative, and planning for the growth of the city. No change of this size and scope is easy or without cost, but the benefits serve the best interest of everyone in our
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