Going through HeatStroke Training

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"Remind me what exactly we're doing here?" Aaron asked while adjusting the new underwear Bill gave him. "We are training." Bill said with his calm pleasant smile which was ever present on his face. "I don't need training. The only thing that can control this...thing is a bullet inside my brain." He shot back. "He didn't say this training was just for you, did he?" Amanda interjected as she and her grandfather retreated beind a plexiglass wall. "This isn't just the beginning of you trying to control your powers, it's us seeing what you can do and how you can do it. This is a team effort Aaron. We train together. This is more training for us than you right now." Mr. Heartcroft put her hand on his granddaughter's shoulder, signalling her that was the end of her lecture to Aaron. He then reached out and touched the side of the glass to turn on his instruments. They must have been some kind of instruments, Aaron thought, judging from how the glass lit up with a bunch of various colored circles and bars which fluctuated up, down, shrunk, grew, and responded to the different touch commands him and Amanda began imputting. After a minute or two of silence on Aaron's side of the wall, Bill finally spoke back to him, but through some kind of speakers he couldn't locate after a few moments of searching. "You may begin now Aaron." "Begin how exactly? I need a trigger." "You know I could just go in there and slap him. That would probably work." Amanda leaned over into the
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