Goldilocks And Red Riding Hood Comparative Essay

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The story of Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks are very different but similar in some ways. The story of Goldilocks has to do with a little girl breaking into a family of bears’ house, while Little Red Riding Hood centers on a little girl going to her grandmother’s house to later discover there is a wolf impersonating as her grandma. However, the girls’ decisions are the reason the stories are even famous. Goldilocks and Red Riding Hood made different decisions that affected the plot of both stories. If Little Red Riding Hood had never gone to her grandmother’s house, she would never have known there was a wolf in disguise. The same concept applies to Goldilocks. If she had never wandered into the bears’ home or if she had completed her crimes quicker, the story would be completely different. Red Riding Hood’s decisions are cautious and thoughtful, unlike those of Goldilocks. She was being generous by giving her grandmother some fresh cakes that she made while Goldilocks broke into a home, ate their food, and broke their furniture. Goldilocks ventures into the woods without her parent’s permission while Red Riding Hood’s parents knew her whereabouts. Goldilocks simply doesn’t care about how others feel, and she makes herself the first priority over everything and everyone else. Both of the children made brave decisions. They both decide…show more content…
Both involve two young girls walking in the woods. However, the girls make very different decisions in each story. While Goldilocks makes irresponsible decisions, she is never really in danger. Red Riding Hood makes responsible decisions, but she finds herself in serious danger with the wicked wolf. Goldilocks just runs away at the end of the story while Red Riding Hood is rescued by the woodcutter from a certain death. The decisions of both girls determine the plot of each
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