Gone With The Wind Is A Classic Movie That Has Been Loved By Many Americans For Generations

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Gone With the Wind is a classic movie that has been loved by many Americans for generations. It is a love story set in the antebellum Old South that takes place during the Civil War and the Reconstruction Era. Although it is fiction, it paints an accurate picture of the life that Americans lived in the 1860’s as well as the events that took place. Several names of the characters are also the real name of who they are portraying. In the beginning of the movie we are introduced to Scarlett O’Hara, the oldest daughter of the owners of Tara. Tara is one of the finest plantations in Georgia. It has rolling fields of cotton, tobacco, cattle and horses. During this time frame the South was an agricultural based society and slaves played a major role in the lives of the wealthy southerners. Although it was a turbulent time in America as southern states are seeding from the Union over states’ rights and slavery the war has not yet reached Clayton County, Georgia. Life remains as it has always been for the Old South. Even though war has not reached the South yet, they are busy preparing for when it does. Counties are forming militias that consist of local men and their sons. They spend time practicing war maneuvers such as sharp shooting, which is not much different from the way they hunt. They have their own weapons and uniforms have been made that mimic the exact same design and color of the actual uniforms worn by the Confederates. At the Wilkes family’s

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