The Patriot Movie Essay

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The “Patriot” takes place in South Carolina in 1776 during the Revolutionary War. It is a story about a widowed father of seven, named Benjamin Martin. Benjamin was involved in the French and Indian War before marrying and starting a family. He is reluctant to join the conflict as he remembers too well his own experience in the earlier French and Indian War. After his wife passed away he does everything to keep his family together and away from war. He is a patriot who wants no part in a war with Britain.
Meanwhile, his two eldest sons, Gabriel and Thomas, can't wait to go out and kill some Redcoats. When South Carolina decides to go to war with Britain, Gabriel immediately joins the Continentals .without his father's permission. Ben,
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The three of them manage to kill many of the British troops holding Gabriel. Gabriel re-joins the cause against his father's will again stating it is his duty as a soldier. Ben decides to join the fight later when he catches up with his son and they report together, leaving the rest of the children in the care of their aunt Charlotte
Ben quickly concludes the poorly trained and ill-experienced Colonials cannot hope to beat the British in set piece battles - shooting at each other in open field, as was the custom of warfare at the time - because the British are too well trained and well armed. Continental Army Colonel Harry Burwell having fought alongside Ben in the French and Indian War, asks Martin to organize a militia designed to keep British General Cornwallis in the south until the French navy arrives with 10,000 soldiers as re-enforcements. French Officer Jean Villeneuve is present to help train the militia having witnessed his wife and daughters burned alive by the British army while aboard a ship.

The South Carolina militia is called up and adopts guerrilla tactics, using elements of surprise and attack, to harry the British supply lines.. To combat the militia, Cornwallis who had previously berated Tavington for his callousness towards civilians and executing surrendering troops, - authorizes Tavington to pursue more brutal tactics in order to draw Ben out. Tavington tracks Ben's family to their refuge with Charlotte and
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