Good Charlotte Band

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With many popular hit in the early 2000’s, Good Charlotte has made a name for itself in the hearts of many teenagers of that era. With song that speak of the many adolescent struggles of teen’s day to day life, Good Charlotte made a deep connection with their targeted teen audience. With songs like Lifestyle of The Rich and The Famous, This band connects with the less economically sound demographic and shares a familiar story of social and class issues. With their outreach to the less fortunate and anarchy punk sound, Good Charlotte creates a sense of energy and passion that cannot be found in a mere pop band. While Good Charlotte does appeal to a large audience, to classify them as a pop band without following it by punk would be an injustice to the band’s music, lyrics, and overall message. A group of high school friends created the punk-rock band Good Charlotte in 1996. Two twin brothers, Joel and Benji Madde, created the band after seeing a Beastie Boys concert in 1995. It was after this that the Madde boys started to work putting together the band know as Good Charlotte. It was clear from the start that this band would have a high-energy sound that stemmed from Beastie Boys, but Good Charlotte also added to this sound. With the integration of sarcasm and sometimes-silly lyrics, this band was on the way to being a pop-punk band that was destine for fame. Good Charlotte was well on its way to stardom with the Madde twins covering the positions of lead vocals and lead
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