Good For Great By Jim Collins Essay

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In the book Good to Great, author Jim Collins defines many leadership concepts and principles. Collins and his team studied many organizations and their leaders to develop these principles. Due to the length of time these organizations have been successful and the presence of the concepts he found, Collins believes these concepts to be timeless. These ideas are present within many already established organizations. In this paper, I will discuss many of Collins principles and how I believe they are present in the organization in which I belong, the 171st Air Refueling Wing. One principle I have found to exist in my organization is Collins’ Hedgehog Concept. Collins and his team chose to label this concept the Hedgehog Concept based on the ancient Greek comparison of the fox and hedgehog (2001). Collins states “The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing” (2001, p.90). The one big thing a hedgehog organization knows is itself. This concept is based on the organization 's understanding of what it can achieve and how it can be successful. The Hedgehog Concept can be applied through the three circles that provide this overall clarity. One circle is the organization understands what it can be the best at (2001). Hedgehogs possess the realistic view of what it can achieve and how to achieve that goal. The second circle is the organization understands “What drives its economic engine” (2001, p.95). A hedgehog organization sees what will make it profitable for a

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