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In most cultures, gender bias causes men to think they are superior to women. In India, after marriage, men assume that women are likely to stay at home to take care of their families and cook while the men go to work. When I was young in India, I had two maids who raised me. After they were married, they could not work for us anymore because they were treated unequally.. As a child, I never understood that gender bias was a harsh way to tell women what to do and, when I came to The United States, I saw the same problem that I faced in India. However, “The Bad News on ‘Good’ Girls,” by Jill Filipovic, shows that gender bias in the United States has two different paths for boys and girls because they are treated unequally.
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Being innocent and sweet will not help the girls to pursue their career. They can have more opportunities to accomplish their dream if men do not prove them wrong by their thoughts and opinions. Boys are treated differently to be brave and macho when girls are told to be only lovely. Boys can do anything they want since they are labeled as strong. They take risks, so anything that gets in the way of that causes trouble. “Men, on the other hand, have been raised to embrace risk-taking and aggression; boys move through the world not nearly as encumbered"(p.2). From birth till now, grown-up boys are told not to cry; they should be strong and tough to control their own emotions. Guys can handle anything involving hard and strong, but when it comes to being emotional. “Boys move through the world not nearly as encumbered and certainly not seeing their own bodies as sources of weakness or objects for others’ desires”(p.2). The word encumbered means to restrict or burden (someone or something) in such a way that free action or movement is difficult. With the emotions of sadness or crying it can be hard, but rough and tough always works out. “With boys, dads are more physical, and more likely to be a roughhouse”(p.2). Parents expect their sons to be manly and wise, and they are told to be less emotional than girls.
Gender bias can be solved by treating girls and boys equally. This

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