Good Ideas In The Circle By Dave Eggers

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Have you ever had that creepy feeling that someone is watching you, but when you look around no one is there? Or wonder how everyone seems to know your every move? That could be how we would feel on a daily basis if we really were to implement some of the ideas Dave Eggers puts forth in his book, The Circle. Concepts such as "secrets are lies”, undisclosed ideas can be a detriment to the company; “sharing is caring", every aspect of your life should be “shared” with others; and "privacy is theft”, concealment of ideas is robbing “everyone” of advancement. The impact to our society if these “fictional” ideas were fully developed and mandated could be devastating. Some of the ideas Eggers’ explores are not all that far fetched. It is known that…show more content…
Where do we draw the line? Through this paper, I will explore some of the harmful consequences of implementing The Circle’s, Three Wise Men’s, “good” ideas. “Secrets are lies.” Most companies, especially Tech companies, think transparency in the workplace is vital in keeping their company on the cutting edge and moving forward. The idea of not sharing ones ideas for the “good of all” is considered, in The Circle, being deceitful or dishonest. Would this concept, if implemented fully in the real world, be detrimental to our society? My answer is a resounding, yes. If these ideas were to come to fruition, we would be in constant wonder if others were telling us the truth. While top ranking officials, in the case of The Circle company, the Three Wise Men, want total transparency from their employees; they themselves are not willing to do the same. Doing so would force them to give up power and control. “Well, when there’s something kept secret, two things happen. One is that it makes crimes possible. We behave worse when we’re not accountable. That goes without saying. And second, secrets inspire speculation. When we don’t know what’s being hidden, we guess, we make up answers.” In the conversation between Bailey, who is one…show more content…
In this day and age, privacy is almost becoming a luxury, and it is almost impossible to go “online” without your every move being tracked. While companies feel they have a right to invade your privacy for the betterment of all, who is it really helping? It’s no surprise some companies sell their user’s information to other companies to generate targeted ads to specific users; however, not many people know Microsoft does this on all computers that run Windows 10, which turns out to be just over 25% of the PC market. “...Finally, we will access, disclose and preserve personal data, including your content (such as the content of your emails, other private communications or files in private folders)...” This excerpt is taken from the Windows 10 privacy agreement, which every user must agree to and abide by, states that Microsoft can lawfully collect data they deem useful. This data includes basic personal information, buying preferences, email or video communications, and much more. Microsoft also tracks and records, each keystroke, duration of use, and telemetry of every one of its Window 10 users. They say this information is vital to the company for “fixing bugs, and improving the performance of the operating system and associated services” Lenovo is another company that has been caught installing spyware such as Superfish malware, a program that “analyzes users’ Internet habits and injects third-party advertising into websites on browsers such as Google
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