Good Night And Good Luck Film Analysis

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Good Night, and Good Luck, is a film made by George Clooney in 2005. In response to the Iraq war. It follows the story of Sig Mickelson played by Jeff Daniels. A newscaster who is set in his values, exposing corruption, and keeping the government in line. In a time when America was having a communist red scare.
This film did transitions amazingly every time a there was a major change in the plot. The audience hears a female singing in a film with almost no music at all. This really help the audience see that some major change is happening. And on the topic of transitions/ camera work. A lot of the transitions are very creative for example one of the shots was shot through a mirror in the set piece showing the characters. This was really cool seeing it show that Clooney is actually putting in effort to plan his scenes and working with his
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It also ended rather abruptly which might have been what Clooney was going for. The problem with not wrapping up the film and leaving open end/ to the audience’s imagination. Is that it loses all mass market appeal. It also is a lot harder on the audience to connect all the threads in the plot. This seems to be found in a lot of these art house/film festival films. But overall it just feels like the film could have been two hours not the 90 minutes that it is. Now saying that this is one film that would be not the same if you cut 10 minutes out of. Dissimilar to a lot of the mass market/ big budget films.
Overall Good Night, and Good Luck was a great film by George Clooney. It shows film makers how to use color or lack of, angles, and transitions. It also shows off how a small low budget film can keep you on the edge of your seat the same ass large block busters, and it also is able to present the viewer with a political point without basically making it super obvious. It is definitely worth a
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