Good Of Community Colleges

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In the article “The Good That Community Colleges Do, Part 1”, author Rob Jenkins discusses the benefits and values of Community College. Recent studies have shown that the value of two-year colleges were hard to predict. In fact, one report shows that the value of a two-year degree is less than that of a high school diploma, while another report shows that most students are receiving a financial return on their degree. While Rob Jenkins believes both reports have valid points and arguments, he states that “so many of the things that community colleges do for their students and communities are difficult to measure empirically” (“The Good That Community Colleges Do, Part 1”). The first thing that Jenkins brings up to prove that community…show more content…
These dual-enrollment courses allow students to earn credits while in high school and prepares them for the reality of college. Jenkins believes that these programs help students mentally and financially in the long run. The dual enrollment classes are paid for mostly by the state, which relieves a bit of the financial burden on students and their parents for those participating in dual-enrollment. The last major benefit of community college that Jenkins brings up is the financial benefit. Universities tend to cost a little more than community colleges so by attending community colleges, students are not having to go into debt as much. Not only does tuition cost less, but you can live at home, saving you even more. Jenkins believes that if it weren’t for community colleges, tens of thousands of students would not be able to afford to go to college at all. These colleges offer many good benefits such as open doors, allow for early enrollment, and help ease the financial burden of getting a degree. Jenkins wouldn’t necessarily say that community colleges are better overall in achieving an education or that it is the better choice for most students. Jenkins believes that, though many debates are going back and forth, community college is the only way to for some students to earn a
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