Good Overcomings Evil Analysis

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Good Overcomes Evil “I remember that the Gabilan Mountains to the east of the valley were light gay mountains full of sun and loveliness and a kind of invitation… The Santa Lucias stood up against the sky to the west and kept the valley from the open sea, and they were dark and brooding” (Steinbeck 3). John Steinbeck was born in the Salinas, California and wrote a number of stories about Cali. The setting in this novel takes place in ---- and the trask family lives in Connecticut at the beginning but this sets the stage for the family’s big move to California. The readers are introduced to two very different families whose paths cross in the future, the Hamiltons and the Trasks. The Hamiltons are immigrants from Ireland who come to America and settle down in California raising an honest and helping family (Steinbeck 8-12). The Trasks, However, are a family raised by a dishonest father, who in his past years was somewhat of a devil, and the children struggle with the sins passed down to them. In this book one of Steinbeck main points he displays a struggle of good versus evil in people but through the, but through understanding, forgiveness and the ability to choose what you are it was proven that good overcomes evil .
Understanding had possibly the biggest part to play in why people were good. Cathy was the main example of evil existing in this novel. She was a murderer, a user, a liar and a whore, but despite all of these things the only person she was really able to hurt

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