Good People Can Do Evil Things

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The Power of Situation “The power of situation”, refers to the idea that under certain circumstances good people can, and will do evil things. There’s many examples of these occurrences throughout our very own history, such as the more recent Abu Ghraib incident. In “The Lucifer Effect” is a theory which tries to explain why these good people had committed such heinous deeds. The Milgram, and Stanford prison experiments provide us with empirical evidence supporting the Lucifer Effect. Zimbardo’s theories helps us to try and understand why people do the things that they do; particularly the actions that would question one’s morals*. He believes the explanation for this might be accountability; meaning that if they knew that they’re going to be held accountable for their devious deeds then they are more likely to not do them. Zimbardo goes on to talk about peoples compliance; it’s much easier to get the average person to comply than one would think. Ultimately, Zimbardo reveals how easily corruptible people actually are, and the ways of poisoning the good mind.

The Lucifer Effect can be explained by three key factors that cause a person to lose a sense of self. Founded by Philip Zimbardo he explained that people turn bad by explaining that they are either a “bad apple”, it is circumstantial, or systematic. These three elements are enough to turn any productive member of society and make them lose sight of any morals or ethics they once had. In turn, the factors might have a

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