Good Practices of Communication within a Team

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Good Practices of Communication within the Team The topic focused in this paper within teamwork is communication. In teamwork, communication in an important part in order to achieve success and reach goals. This was the reason why this topic was chosen because; establishing good communication facilitates team work and achievements. This paper will be discussing four good practices that are important for communication, which are suggested by peer-reviewed scholarly articles. Each good practice is provided with an example of how it can be used in my discipline and why it could be helpful. My first practice is to establish a dialogue and hold a common ground as a team. This means to not treat the team as a debate with others, but rather with mutual respect. My second good practice in communication looks as individual communication skills, and assertiveness. My third practice views team communication skills, including team conflict resolution. The final good practice looks how to communicate during the decision making process as a team. In addition a useful technique in part of decision making is brainstorming. Following each practice will assist the team and its members to have good communication and form a stronger team.
Outline of Literature Surveyed To prepare this paper several journal articles were reviewed through online article databases. Many articles found during the beginning of the literature review were relating to the medical and nursing field. This made it
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