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Module Code: PM025
Class/Group: Section 3
Module Title: Contemporary Organizational Behaviour
Assignment Title: Final Essay
Assignment Title: Communication in the Workplace
Tutor Name: Eileen McCorriston
Student ID Number: 2110943
Date of Submission: April 10th, 2014

Communication is the process which connects discontinuous parts of the world to one and others (Littlejohn and Foss, 2011:4). Apart from the general definition, it also can be narrowly defined as the ways of sending messages by telephones, telegraphs, etc (ibid). The communication is a crucial part for organizations. Hirsch and Shaukat (2008:12) demonstrate that it is easier to work cooperatively when the real time communications are transmitted by organizations.
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In online courses and programs, it is difficult for students to understand the communications without gestures and facial expressions which can convert feeling and meaning (Isman and Altinay, 2005:140). Dabaj (2011:1) illustrates the distance education exists communication barriers in physical distance between individuals. Students are taking online courses alone, without interaction with teachers and peers. In fact, when they come up with some questions, they cannot ask the teachers and get answers immediately. It is because there is a long distance between students and teachers and students can only interact in a chat room by Internet (Isman and Altinay, 2005:152), this can be regarded as distance barriers (Lunenburg, 2010:4). Additionally, the online courses can be affected by the quality of Internet or out of electricity. Online courses depend on the high-technology devices, so when the Internet signal is bad or computers stopped abruptly, the online course will stop. Overall, physical barriers can be caused between students and teachers through online courses and programs.

Two solutions are recommended for Eastern Mediterranean University to overcome the physical communications. Firstly, Eastern Mediterranean University could increase the amount of traditional teaching. Isman and Altinay (2005:151) illustrate that through teaching lectures, students and teachers can get

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