Google Inc. Is An American It Company

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Google Inc. is an American IT company founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin on September 4th 1998. Its specializes in internet related services and products and is mostly know for its search engine. Google also provide other well known services as Google Images, Google News, Google Translate, Google Maps, Gmail etc.

It all started out while Larry and Sergey were Ph.D students at Stanford University. Google started out as a privately held company and didn’t offer services for the public until August 19th, 2004. The plan was to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. In 2004, Google moved to Mountain View, California which later got the nickname ”Googleplex”. In August, 2015 the company announced their plans to reorganize the company’s interest as a holding company called Aphabet Inc. Two months later Google became the leading subsidiary of Alphabet. The rapid growth sooner created a chain of products and partnerships beyond the Google search.

Google evolved from being a plain white webpage with six letter on it to being it’s own verb in the dictionary, a webpage where you can make searches in any langue about anything you want and when you type in a question it finishes the question for you. Google went from being a small idea to a big company that is working on organizing the worlds information and one of their goals is to digitalize all books. They’ve created Gmail, an email that is free for anyone to use, Google maps, a

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