Google Inc. in China Essay

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Case Study Analysis Template1 Analyst’s Name: ¶ Date: ¶ Case Study Name: ¶Google Inc., in China I. The Pre-Analysis: A. Perspective: A.1. Describe the perspective2 of the author(s) of the case study and the possible biases that might result from that perspective: ¶ The case study is titled Google Inc., In china, written by Kirsten E. Martin for the Business Roundtable Institute for Corporate Ethics. Kirsten Martin is the Assistant Professor of Business and Economics at the Catholic University of America and Business Roundtable Institute for Corporate Ethics Fellow, “to encourage classroom discussion and not to illustrate effective or ineffective business decision making”. Kirsten is an academic, whose purpose…show more content…
The brutality that happened from the protests and the total denial of the Chinese government will be set aside during my analysis. I have also completed an ethical assessment of Yahoo! disclosing personal information to the Chinese government for political adversaries that were promoting democracy, and imprisoned one individual for 10-years. Yahoo! broke their confidentiality policies, and payed an undisclosed amount to the wife of the man imprisoned. I will bracket my knowledge and assessment of how the Chinese government used threats to obtain the information. Also, I have read that Google has supported censorship to initially enter the market in China, and has a near monopoly over the internet search engine market. This monopoly can lead to overconfidence and complacency both of which lead to bad ethical situations. I have friends that work for Google and have heard very positive opinions regarding their corporate culture regarding their employees; this positive information has influenced my opinion of Google as well. I will bracket my opinions of the author and carefully examine her argument and facts. Moreover, I will bracket all opinions and information that I have regarding Google and the Chinese government. II. The Situation5: A. List the facts6 relevant to the issue(s) identified: ¶ Google: 1998 Google Inc. was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin Mission
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