The Pros And Cons Of Internet Censorship In China

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My research project explored the extent of internet censorship and its necessity to China as a form of societal protection. It discussed the advantages, disadvantages and impacts of censorship on Chinese society. As I researched the topic, I determined that censoring parts of the internet was more than just about protecting the young Chinese children from online predators and distressing content. My initial intention was to highlight the wrongfulness of widespread censorship however, as I researched, I was able to understand that censoring parts of the internet improved the Chinese economy, prevented cybercrimes from occurring while concurrently offering online safety. I discovered this by analysing several different websites, YouTube videos and conducting two interviews with people with expertise in the Chinese internet. My outcome, presented in the form of a feature article, explained that censoring parts of the internet benefits society more than it harms.

My initial ideas for a research topic required refining so I researched various websites and explored the different countries that imposed censorship on their internet. Searching the websites were highly effective in narrowing my field of research and challenge my stance against censorship. Narrowing my field of research was important for producing an appropriate question to challenge my current opinions on the Chinese internet. These processes assisted me to investigate the extent of censorship in China being a

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