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Abstract In this paper, the main focus will lie on the differences that the librarians and students have when they tend to retrieve or manage the information that they search through online databases. Furthermore, we will discuss the importance of the knowledge management and controlled vocabulary as the main distinction between those librarians who are successful at information retrieval and teaching it and those students that aren’t. We will discuss this under the light of some of the large search engines or web portals that are available to the librarians and the students as part of their search archives like Google; highlighting some of the facts that should be known and/or taught about these web portals before they can be used to…show more content…
Furthermore, comparisons of librarians and students showed that the overall advantage of the accurate collection and retention of data was with the librarians because of the methodologies that they used top collect the information. The question then remains whether these librarians can efficiently and effectively teach these students the techniques that they use to gather information and allow them to exercise the same skills of knowledge management and controlled use of vocabulary and words within and outside the environment of the libraries (Gadzella and Baloglu, 2003). There are many academic psychologists and practitioners who have focused on this difference of success between the librarians and the students when it comes to understanding, retracting, managing and using the data that they gather fore a topic. Some researches chose to focus on the behaviors, characteristics, mental abilities and overall skill sets of the two entities to analyze the foundation behind the differences. There is a generalized belief among the researchers that the differences between the success of librarians and students does lie in the overall approach to the retrieval of information and the foundation, mental and personal, behind that approach. Furthermore, many researchers believe that the ability to retain the facts is also highly dependent upon the value or worth associated with them search (Gadzella and Baloglu, 2003). Information Search and Collection The fact of the

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