Gospel Presentation Essay

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Oliver Metzler GLST 220-D02 “Gospel Presentation” December 13, 2015 Background Information The person whom I intend to share the Gospel with is my friend Drew Harmatz. We have been friends now for over three years and over that time grown to be really good friends. Even though we are good friends we do not share the same beliefs. Drew is Jewish and has chosen to stick with his birth religion because he likes the Jewish moral compass. Basically, he has expressed that he feels the Jewish culture is more peaceful and presents a better moral basis than that of any other religion. While we have talk of God, Christ, and the Bible; I have never tried to relay the Gospel to him. Elements of Communication There are a couple key points I…show more content…
I say this because Drew mentioned that Jewish culture is one that is morally strong and better than that of most other religions. Well, to communicate to him the beliefs of a Christian and the structure which we hold ourselves to would have a great impact of our conversation. David Livermore states; “Cultural intelligence doesn’t mean abandoning our convictions, values, and assumptions. Instead, we’re seeking to understand and respect the beliefs and priorities of others and express our own values and beliefs in ways that are appropriate, respectful, and effective.” In the end, relating to Drew that our moral compasses are similar is my way of breaking down the barrier to present the Gospel in which he would feel comfortable and listen. Cultural Value Orientations A cultural value that is important and must be taken to account is Direct vs. Indirect. I say this because how you communicate with some will greatly affect how much they retain of listen to. In this matter, Drew has expressed that he feels Christians are aggressive and history has shown their moral compass lacks right vs wrong and good and bad. Knowing this I would want to work around being direct and indirect when communicating with him. I would never want to be to direct and push him away nor would I want to be so indirect that it seems as if I’m walking on egg shells. In the end, how I communicate to him will greatly impact if he listens or shuts me out. Presentation When it
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