Got Internet Pornography? Essay

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Got Internet Pornography?

Pornography is viewed differently by everyone. Is pornography as bad as it is made out to be? What if it is that persons outlet from reality, just like smoking, drinking, snowboarding, skiing. Is it hurting anyone. Some say it is degrading to women. Do those women that do it think it is degrading. If they did they wouldn’t do it. There are several different types of pornography in the world. It started in art where we had sculptures of Aphrodite naked, we had many artists who painted pictures of nude women. But people look at that and say oh how pretty. But in the present day we have printing presses, we have internet, and people try to make their own art with their bodies and people criticize them. Why? How? …show more content…

This way it is safe and sound behind a password for you and your eyes only. It also lets people that want to get their amateur pictures out there.

The Cons of Pornography on the internet is that it is very easy to get to especially if you have Kazaa, or a downloading program similar, because they have tons of them on those downloading programs even child pornography. I also believe that this has given a rise to the child porn industry if there is such a thing. It has also given a rise in things that would not have been done and published in a magazine. Like sodomy with animals, and things that shouldn’t be placed in places but are.

The biggest problem I have with regards to internet pornography, is the lack of consideration for laws in different societies when it comes to child pornography. In one society we have child pornography when a person is under the age of 18, then we have a society that has a law that says pictures of people under 16 are considered child pornography. Why can’t every society have the same laws or make it a universal internet law that says child porn on the internet means that any pictures of children under the age of 18, 16, whatever they decide to do. Yes older people that look at younger children are gross, but what about those 17 year olds that want to see someone their own age and goes and finds a person from Australia. That 17 yr old will get into trouble because he wanted to look at girls his own age. Is that against the law. Well it is

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