Gottstein Barney And Rachel: Case Study

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Gottstein Barney and Rachel, How are you? I enjoy hearing from you and receiving letters. Lately there were definitely some tensions and concerns in the states due to the election for presidency. We stayed close to the Television and radios sets here in Israel, and were very surprised to find out that Donald Trump won the elections for the US presidency. We had mixed feelings here in Israel; some were surprised, some were happy and some were unable to accept it and could not believe what was happening. Nothing can be done in elections the decision lies in the hands of the voters. Everything is fine with me, thank God. I am in the middle of the first semester of my first year of my master's degree (lots of numbers  ), and I can say that in the beginning the studies were pretty difficult for me. Academically everything is fine so far, but emotionally wise things are a bit difficult. I am 24 years old and I am studying for a master's degree, my classmates are usually older than me and I felt that I was a threat to them in a way, and it made me ask some questions: am I too young? Do I have the life experience that they have? I am going…show more content…
I am going through much mental and emotional process during the course of my studies, because in order to investigate the people that I will treat personality, I need to know and be at peace with my personality. It is very exhausting on the one hand, yet it is very interesting to find out different layers about myself. At the end of the day, the studies are an experience and I thank God every day for receiving the direction to be involved with what I love, and help people. As to you, you move me very much. It's fun to receive your letter, and I will be glad to continue to hear from you. I thank you for everything from the bottom of my heart!! Have a wonderful weekend, and may the year 2017, be fruitful and most successful. With thanks and appreciation, Hana
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