Government And Large Financial Institutions

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Research suggests that government and large financial institutions should not be allowed to regulate cryptocurrency, because eventually it will change cryptocurrency to mirror our current paper currency system, and ultimately remove the freedom and anonymity associated with the use of cryptocurrency. The use of Cryptocurrency has become more prevalent across the globe. Regulation seems like the next logical step in evolution and legitimacy, but this will ultimately lead to large financial institutions and government establishing the standards and determining the value. At that stage cryptocurrency may still be categorized as a decentralized form of currency, but the behavior will be that of a centralized system overseen by the same institutions who govern our monetary systems today. Many people think of cryptocurrency as a new and innovative payment system, yet it’s much like forms of money that the world has seen in the past, before governments and central banks exerted their control. In many ways, cryptocurrency completes the cycle started when money began to take hold in the Renaissance, when value and control was not determined by any government but rather by the issuers of notes and the customers who used those notes. One of the most popular cryptocurrencies available is Bitcoin. Bitcoin is regulated differently in the People’s Republic of China (PRC), Canada, and the United States, and no country has currently backed Bitcoin. Launched in 2009, and founded by Satoshi
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