Government Funded Health Care Programs

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Government Funded Insurances There are a few different government funded health care programs that are provided to a different group of Americans. One of the insurance programs provided by the government is Medicaid. Medicaid is a federal and state program which covers the cost of medical care for people who are considered to have an income that is lower than a certain level. The people who are accepted to receive Medicaid are those who are low income families with children, recipients receiving benefits for Supplemental Security Income, women who are pregnant and their income is lower than federal poverty guidelines along with the infants born to the women who are Medicaid eligible. Those who have Medicaid have to locate doctor 's offices who accept Medicaid as one cannot use this insurance anywhere. The government should provide health care for health care has been overly priced to almost impossible to afford; the number of uninsured residents has grown significantly; and with the government providing health care the physicians wouldn 't have to worry about how they would be getting paid they would be able to focus on helping the person get better. Another insurance provided by the state and federal program is the Children 's Health Insurance Program. This insurance covers the medical services for children. Those who are uninsured children and pregnant women who may have an income which is too high to qualify for the State Medicaid program, but receive pay too low for
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