Government Intervention And The Internet

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Government Intervention in the Internet

A growing concern over our privacy online is causing us to seek legislation to protect us. Although this may seem harmless and beneficial for all, there are many valid points as to why the government should not intervene. When it comes to privacy online, the responsibility should be left in the hands of the people that disclose such information in the first place. Government involvement should not be allowed for the sake of our privacy, because it may come at the cost of being censored, losing technical expertise, losing innovation, and DE-unifying the internet. Despite all this, many still argue in favor of government intervention. The majority of the reasons behind anyone that may argue in favor of government intervention is the added protection to our private information from criminals (Jason H.), and the vast amounts of explicit adult media that can be accessed by anyone, especially children. What many may not know is that these problems can be handled by the people. Many popular social and banking sites have effective countermeasures to protect the privacy of their users. Although these security systems are robust, the user should be wary that their information may be compromised if not handled correctly. Users should be careful about posting sensitive material on sites that are easily susceptible to security breaches. Changing passwords regularly, avoiding sharing information with strangers and destroying waste files with
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