Government Officials As A Private Agency Representative

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I learned how to communicate with government officials as a private agency representative. I was responsible for ensuring that our agency met the criteria to bid and win the contract, staffing the contract, developing and facilitating training material based on the requirements of the contract, communicating weekly with government officials to ensure the company’s consistent adherence to the contract obligations, attending government meetings directly involving the call center, managing the staff schedules to accommodate and ensure coverage for the twenty hour - seven days a week operation, in addition to providing oversight for the emergency call center unit. I learned to professionally deliver persuasive presentations before panels, speak with confidence in order to connect with my audience, and be aware of my non-verbal projections. I engaged my audience by presenting information that met the direct needs of the contract and offered solutions to enhance the quality of services, which would be provided by our company. I learned how to write winning proposals, bid on government contracts, the appropriate communication protocol for interacting with government officials as a contractor, and how to operate alongside the government as a separate entity but sharing a common goal. I successfully remained supervisor of the contract for two years until I decided to venture on to another opportunity. In 2003, I took a leadership position within the church I attended, as small

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