Government Problems in the Philippines

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The commission on elections Section 1 1. There shall be a commission on elections composed of a chairman and six commissioners who shall be natural – born citizens of the Philippines and, at the time of their appointment, at least thirty- five years of age, holders of a college degree, and must not have been candidates for any elective position in the immediately preceding elections. However, a majority thereof, including the chairman, shall be member of the Philippine bar who have been engaged in the practice of law for at least ten years. 2. The chairman and the commissioners shall be appointed by the president with th consent of the commission on appointments for a term of seven years without reappointment. Of those first…show more content…
8. Recommend to the president the removal of any officer or employee it has deputized, or the imposition of any other disciplinary action, for violation or disregard of, disobedience to its directive, order, or decision. 9. Submit to the president and the congress a comprehensive report on the conduct of each election, plebiscite, initiative, referendum, or recall. Powers and functions of the commission 1. To enforce laws relative to the conduct of elections 2. To decide election contests a. Purpose of election contest b. Jurisdiction over election contest Finality of decisions 1. Election contests 2. When decision becomes final 3. Effect of final decision Registration of political parties 1. Rationale 2. Role of commission Section 3 The commission on elections may sit en banc or in two divisions, and shall promulgate its rule of procedure in order to expedite disposition of election cases, including pre-proclamation controversies. All such election cases shall be heard and decided in division, provided that motions for reconsideration of decisions shall be decided by the commission en banc. Section 4 The commission may, during the election period, supervise or regulate the enjoyment or utilization of all franchises or permits for the
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