Government Response Of The Netherlands And The U.s.

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Introduction In these research paper I will analyze the government response in the Netherlands and the U.S.A. to the distribution and use of intoxicating substances by their respective citizens. I will also compare and contrast the role of the criminal justice system and its actors, incorporating relevant statistics and figures. To researches the project, I used google researches on the internet and journal articles Portrait of the Netherlands ( this section you need to change word I copy from article ) and if you can make it short and simple.
Netherland is a country which located in North Europe. Netherlands has 16.8 million people in the country their capital call Amsterdam and their national language is Dutch. The Dutch authorities recognize that the presence of drugs is the inevitable result of an open Western society. The principal main goal of drug policy in the Netherlands is to reduce the risks of drug use for the people who use them in their immediate environment and society in general. The idea is that the disadvantageous effects of drugs stem not only from the pharmacological properties of the substances, but also from the personality of the user and the conditions under which the drugs are used. In the opinion of the Dutch authorities, a policy that fails to combine these three elements is doomed to failure. According to the drug policy reaches
"This principal objective can be divided into three fields of action: by providing assistance aimed at limiting

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