Government in Upper and Lower Canada

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The need for government reform in Upper and Lower Canada was created because of the incompetent way the government managed the country, a lack of representation in the government, a lack of understanding of the colonist's in Upper and Lower Canada, and discrimination towards the French in Lower Canada. Numerous colonists arrived to Upper and Lower Canada to begin a new life with a proper government however, the government in Canada did not satisfy their needs. Firstly, the unskilled way the government ran Upper and Lower Canada upset the colonists. This included a lack of land for the colonists, even though they were promised land when they arrived in British North America. Settlers were unhappy about land distribution - particularly about the clergy and crown reserves and the land speculators that were part of the Family Compact. Also, absentee landlords overpriced and tied up prime land. The settlers were also unhappy that the building of roadways was hindered by the clergy and crown reserves. The colonists were unhappy with the government and the "colonists complained loudly about land and roads. Most knew that the Family Compact was to blame and they did not disguise their anger" (Pg. 66). This meant that the colonists were aware that the Family Compact was responsible for this problem because they completely ignored the colonist's complaints and they did not do anything to help them. They could veto any laws passed by the Assembly and they did; they shut down
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