Since Confederation, Relations Between The Canadian Federal

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Since Confederation, relations between the Canadian federal government and the native people of Canada have been strained due to the former existence of the Indian Residential School System. Following the passage of the Indian Act, the first residential schools were established across Canada to assimilate indigenous children into Canadian society through the forced adoption of European customs at the expense of their own culture. During its tenure, approximately 150,000 indigenous children were separated from their communities and families, and forcibly enrolled into residential schools where many would be subjected to physical, and psychological abuses. Despite its malicious practices and objective, the residential school system …show more content…

The articles of these treaties were often detrimental to the native people who partook since the compensation provided for their lands was inadequate, often leaving them dispossessed of traditional territories and dependent on a prejudiced federal government’s aid. Consequently, many aboriginal people were relocated to remote reserves where, despite being granted limited self government, essential services were scarce and living conditions were deplorable. It was on the reserves that many residential schools were built since the provision of education was a contingency specified by the natives in exchange for their lands. Recognizing its historically unfair payment for native lands and its failure to adequately deliver on the clauses outlined by the natives in the treaties, such as the supply of quality education, the federal government has negotiated twenty-six comprehensive land claims since 1973. These new treaties have restored native ownership to over 600,000 km of lost lands, transferred capital exceeding $3.2 billion, and have upheld native ways of life including the right to self government.
In addition to its recent negotiations regarding comprehensive land claim arrangements, the federal government of Canada has made efforts to improve its financial aid for indigenous peoples. The Constitution Act of 1867 stated that aboriginal affairs were to be placed under federal control thus obliging the federal government to

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