Grade 10 Performance Review

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A good performance with minimal incident, beautiful harmony and composition from our hours of practice. That's what they thought would happen, they thought wrong. The crowd was dismayed and began to revolt as the grade 10 class wreaked untold havoc on the audience. Rotten fruit was thrown and protests were held. All joking aside, the grade 10 performance was very jumbled and uncoordinated. To discern what was wrong and why we were not quite nice to listen to, we should examine two very important factors to the performance, the preparation, and the performance itself. The preparation before the performance was mostly confined to class time, a cumulative few hours, the participants of the music class could've practiced at home, but I suspect they rarely did. The higher register was indecipherable to the back row but the back row performed as expected, it was the saxophones that created the messy sound. Jacob Kszan the stunning trombone player that absolutely nobody heard practiced a little bit at home but followed suit with the rest of the class in not practicing as much as he should have. When he did practice he had narrowed down difficult sections …show more content…

Jacob Kszan’s performance went very well and as planned, he could have improved the glissando on the tail end of the piece Baby Elephant Walk. Santiago the trumpet player also did very well in his part of the performance. The class as a whole acknowledged the audience with maturity and integrity but failed to show the same prowess in regards to walking off of stage. It is a relatable problem as after finishing a nerve racking performance, walking correctly is the last thing they would think

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