Grade Math Class, Where The Average Age Of The Learner Are Eighteen Years Old

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Ninth grade math class, where the average age of the learner are fourteen years old.

1. Manage their time

 Incorporate daily review and/or warm-up activity at the beginning of class period
 Teach learners how to self-monitor on task behavior so they are using class time effectively for doing work
 Provide learners with a course outline or syllabus and help them prioritize their activities and workload
 Use frequent praise and positive reinforcement. Reward learners for meeting deadlines, finishing in-school assignment etc.
 Establish a daily routine and schedule for the classroom.
 Encourage self-monitoring during independent seatwork time by asking learner to record their start on the paper, and when the work period is over, have …show more content…

Helping the learners to mastery these skills will enhance learning in the classroom.
Time Management
There is old proverb, “Procrastination is the thief of time.” And in the classroom, one of the teacher biggest challenge is managing time-yours and the learners. Effective strategies for assisting learners manage their time begin immediately as they entered the classroom. Incorporating a daily review and, or warm-up activity at the beginning of a class period. This minimize the hectic and stressful first few minutes of a new period, day-to-day as learners arrive at their schoolroom they take a sheet of paper from a distinctly identified container and instantaneously begin to work responding to the query presented on the chalkboard, regarding the preceding tutorial. Accordingly, teaching the learners to enter, and straightaway start on the One Question Examination, since they have limited minutes to complete the assignment before their responses are accumulate and examined. (Hughes, n.d)
During independent seatwork, encourage self-monitoring through requesting the learners to register their beginning period on their document. Once the composition time is finished, request the learner to register the time once more, irrespective of the amount of the assignment they completed. This certification is valuable in regards to exactly how well the learner can remain on-task and function constructively.

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