Graded Mirror Therapy

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Graded Mirror therapy is the use of a mirror to reverse image of a body part to the brain.
This therapy may be used for a variety of pain and disability states especially involving the hands and feet.
The importance of Occupational Therapy services for induvials after stroke is to assists the pt, to become in depend when preforming their ADL’s.
Sit with the hand in the box, hiding it from view Place the other hand in front of the mirror.
Lean forward and look at the image created in the mirror. Your brain is now ‘seeing’ the injured/painful hand. The non-painful hand it will feel a little bit odd.
By using a mirror it can trick the brain into believing that a limb is actually
The brain consists of billions of neurones and trillions of connections. Those neurones are able to ‘represent’ things
2006 Moseley’s Study

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