Graduation Speech: A Humorous Wedding Speech To A Student

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Hello class of 2017 I am honored that I have been chosen to give you all this speech. Id Like to welcome the staff, teachers, parents, and last but not least the students aka the class of 2017. Many of us have been on this rode together, many have left and many have joined but it really doesn’t matter who left and joined what matters is this moment in time all of us coming together and receiving this diploma what all these thirteen years of hard work has finally paid off but this is just the beginning.

These past thirteen years have been crazy some of us had it easy some of us had it hard, people came and left out of our life's and out life like we're some kind of hotel. Many of us have been in the same school for quit many years now and some of us haven't even spoken a word to each other now is the time to change that and cliques do not matter anymore in the real world we all lived in our own little fantasy. An anonymous person once said "30 years from now it wont matter what shoes you wore, how your hair looked, or the jeans you bought. What will matter is what you learned and how you used it."this quote is really significant to us because it relates to all of because …show more content…

I came into high school hoping that there'd be singing and dancing like high school musical with lockers and a love life like Troy and Gabriela's. Here's a quote from John Green "The whole idea of this commencement speech is that I’m supposed to offer you some thoughts on how you might live a good life out there in the so-called Real World, which by the way I assure you is no more or less real than the one in which you have so far found yourselves." Many of us wouldn’t have thought that'd we make it but look at us now. Volcanoes are awesome remember when we all put Mentos in coke and watched it the time it was nothing more but awesome little bubbles but now we know the chemistry behind

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