Graduation Speech : An Incoming Eof ( Educational Opportunity )

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As an incoming EOF (Educational Opportunity Found) freshmen attending Rutgers University this fall, I had the mindset that if I did well academically, the transition from high school to college would go by smoothly. Unfortunately, college isn 't that simple. The transition to college is much more complex than people perceive it to be, in my case, it’s the most difficult obstacle I’ve ever encountered. Therefore, my aspiration is to conquer this transitional period as quickly and fluently as possible. When I had to changeover from middle school to high school, I was terrified. I didn 't know what awaited me and how much different things were going to be. It turned out high school was exactly the same, with the exception of the grades being ninth through Twelfth. There was nothing to be worried about. On the other hand, that wouldn 't be the case in college.
EOF has opened my eyes to this realization. Being a part of this program has unraveled some difficulties that come with adapting to the transition here at Rutgers, which most likely get me in a predicament. One of these realizations is being present and on time to my classes. In high school I had the habit of constantly being late to school and class without a care in the world. In the beginning, it didn 't seem to be that important, until it came back to bite me. Having my counselor inform me that if I 'm late one last time I wouldn’t walk with my senior class. I told myself, “This wasn’t going to be the case in…
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