Graduation Speech At The American Enterprise Institute

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Introduction Blended learning refers to any time a student in a traditional, brick and mortar school accesses learning through an online delivery. Considered a disruptive innovation, blended learning transforms the traditional factory like school into a personalized learning experience for students. By 2019, more than fifty percent of high school courses will be delivered online (Christensen, 2011). Therefore, there is a need for schools to investigate the options that best fit their vision, mission and community. In a speech at the American Enterprise Institute, Arne Duncan who has been the U.S. Secretary of Education since 2009 described the “new normal” of education and explained that schools will be required to do more with less (Duncan, 2010). Ultimately blended learning is a way to decrease spending, address teacher shortages and differentiate instruction in the classroom.
The definition of blended learning has often been debated. A mixture of face to face teacher led instruction and self-paced online instruction defines blended learning. This fairly new instructional method takes place, in part, in a brick and mortar setting (Graham, 2005). Overall there are six blended learning models that may vary depending on a variety of factors. Each models implementation may look different based on an organization’s physical space, staffing model, delivery methods and scheduling (Graham, 2005). Many districts and school leaders are of the same belief as Arne Duncan

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