Graduation Speech : College Attendance

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Edmund Pittman
Dr. Broyles
English 101-005
18 December 2015
Encouraging College Attendance
College class attendance differentiates college from high school. In most high schools, class attendance is mandatory every day while college class attendance can vary. Some professors make class attendance mandatory by basing a percentage of the grade on attendance, while others feel that it is not necessary and rather up to the student. Professors can strongly encourage class attendance by having assignments due every class, or by having assignments, such as online quizzes, only accessible in class. Whether or not class attendance should be compulsory has been debated for a long time, and students often have their own personal views about mandatory classes. Professors should encourage class attendance because it increases grades, but it should not be mandatory because students should choose to go to class, and because they are paying for the education. Many studies have found a positive, direct relationship between grades and class attendance. For example, Marcus Credé and Sylvia G. Roch, psychology professors at State University of New York at Albany, and Urszula M. Kieszczynka, a student at the university, analyzed data from a study which found “the proportion of students” that received a grade below a C in a psychology class was “12.6% when attendance was not mandatory” (283). However, in this same study, when the professor made class mandatory, the percentage of those grades
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