Graduation Speech : My Perfect Attendance Means

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School. The word, school, is one in which I remember reciting during a spelling bee in third grade. Although nerve wrecking, I remember feeling relieved that my hard work and memorization skills had finally paid off. That same feeling of excitement is equate to graduating twelve years of school with consecutive perfect attendance. Accomplished. I could not have graduated any happier knowing that my twelve years of hard work, dedication, and respect was being recognized. What perfect attendance means to me: being a role model for other students and showing my perseverance. My perfect attendance means different things in different aspects of my life, but they are all tied together by the same value. Having the key principles of respect and dignity led to a positive representation of my school, family, and myself. Perfect attendance means showing interest in what every year of schooling had to offer. Being a student in the same district for twelve years allowed me to have a connection with my school that is tantamount to my own family. There is a sense of pride in loving my school and being a sponge to learning. My dad would always use the reference to a sponge as a tool to represent the importance of soaking up all there was to obtain out of life, including learning. From polygons and history lessons, to chemical reactions and integral equations, I wanted to be present for every single lesson in order to gain knowledge from all that my teachers could offer. There is a direct

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