Graduation Speech Impairment And A Specific Learning Disability

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Four of the twenty-four students in Mrs. Crosby’s classroom receive specialized services and/or accommodations due to a special education ruling. Doniah is classified as a special education student due to a speech impairment and a specific learning disability. Drew is classified as special education due to a speech impairment and a language impairment. Aaliyah is classified as special education due to an emotional/behavioral disorder. Lastly, Bella is classified as special education due to an orthopedic impairment. Mrs. Miller, the inclusion teacher, works with these students for several hours each day, in Mrs. Crosby’s classroom.
One accommodation that Doniah receives is the option of having her tests read aloud to her. She is also allowed extra time to complete tests and assignments. Doniah is able to work independently to complete much of her daily classroom work, but Mrs. Miller monitors her progress and provides additional support when needed. Doniah remains in the general classroom throughout the day. She participates in the language and reading lessons in Mrs. Crosby’s room, however, most reading passages and comprehension questions are given at a lower level. Doniah occasionally leaves the classroom to complete work, when Mrs. Miller feels that a higher level of intervention is necessary. Doniah participates in math and science lessons when she and the other students move to another general classroom, but I am not aware of the accommodations she receives…
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