Graduation Speech : Mandatory Requirements

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The mandatory requirements that I made in the fall semester. I improved a lot in my writing since I studied in English 102. I did my best for this semester on writing essays and reading textbook in class and after school at home. I want to class most of the time, and I think I was late for class only one time and absent class one day. I did all my paper 1-4 essays, and Journal assignments mostly on time. I took all the quizzes. I actively work with my classmate 's well in the class discussion also during the peer draft workshop. However, I felt that I did not do well in communication skill because I did not share my opinion in class during a discussion of the textbook. In this semester, I got much precious knowledge from my professor, especially during the revision the textbook chapters in the classes. Besides this, I made two or three appointments with my tutors per week in the tutoring center. Over the last four month, I learned how to write different types of essay, I get many knowledge forms of the story, poem, and play, and I did my papers thinking creatively. For example, in the most of my essays, I use the themes of feminist; I put my opinion and ideas based on the textbook and support it by research sources. The thesis statement, which I made, was mostly based on specific chapters plot, setting, symbols, figurative language and so on. In the future academic career, I will use all the skills that I learned in english102 correctly. I have clues to write whatever I am

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