Graduation Speech : Higher Education

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Higher education is an ever-changing and evolving field that comes with its own set of responsibilities ranging from professors teaching about learning methods to the staff that look after student well-being. Since there is such a vast set of responsibilities though comes a fair number of issues and policies to adhere to. With that in mind, the series of documents that were assigned for reading helped to put some things in perspective for me when it comes to this field. The documents that we had looked at were the 2014 Strategic Plan for Southeast Missouri State University (Southeast or SEMO), “Top 10 Higher Education State Policy Issues for 2012” by the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU), a list of the fifteen roles of higher education that the class had decided on, and a .pdf of flow charts created, one from each student, using the aforementioned roles. These documents were interesting to read and I believe that each of them helped me to find a new outlook on what it is that I want to do in this field. As previously mentioned, each of these documents helped to show me a new perspective and also showed me the challenges that are being faced at today’s universities. Starting with the AASCU’s paper on policy issues, it was nice to see the critical issues that are public universities are facing. When looking at the issues mentioned in the AASCU paper, and reading the strategic plan from Southeast, there seems to be a fair amount of overlap,…
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